Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sitting Quietly On A Deck In The Forest

I spent 30 minutes relaxing on a deck in Highlawn Forest in Middlefield Connecticut. It was a very comfortable August morning with cool,dry air. Sitting still never comes easy for me but it paid off with a couple of interesting sightings.

I was expecting to see something on the smaller side like a warbler or chickadee but it was a Black Vulture, aka known as the Carcass Warbler, that came crashing in to the trees above me. I did a little math and figured it would take roughly 250 American Redstarts to equal the weight of one Black Vulture.
And on the other side of the deck was a beautiful Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. 


Michelle said...

That vulture is one serious looking bird.

Larry said...

It does seem to have an air of intensity.

troutbirder said...

We saw a lot of those in Florida last winter. For myself now with vertigo and holding my binocs steady I'm going to less hiking and more sitting in the woods waiting for the birds to come to me...:)

Nadezda said...

I've seen Black Vulture in zoo only :) You're lucky Larry to meet him in the nature!