Sunday, August 27, 2017

Up Up And Away!

 I took a ride out to Plainville this morning to catch the morning to catcch the 6am morning launch at the annual hot air balloon festival.
 There is some dispute as to when hot air balloons were invented. History indicates that the Chinese were experimenting with a simple form of hot air balloon technology back around 220 AD.  The first recorded manned flight took place in Paris France in 1783 in a hot air balloon created by the Montgolfier brothers.
I was surprised by the size of the crowd at 6am and almost couldn't find a spot to park in time. 
 I arrived just as the first balloons were taking flight.
 I liked the elephant design on this balloon.It looks as though it could have come from a land far away.
 Don't worry, this balloon got past the trees without a problem.
I wonder what this red-tail would say about all the excitement if it could speak English?
Here's a video of one of the balloons taking flight.


Nadezda said...

Did you fly up Larry? I think it was a great experience. I'd love to.
The balloons are very colorful and the red-tail would say: Cool!

Larry said...

No,I didn't fly up because they weren't offering rides at the time but I would have liked to.

Michelle said...

I love hot air balloons and I think they are so beautiful. However, I don't think I could take a ride!!

The Furry Gnome said...

Colourful event!

troutbirder said...

What a fascinating if expense hobby. I'd like to float over the Serengeti doing photography...:)

Larry said...

I was thinking that you might be able to get some interesting photos from a hot air balloon.