Friday, May 4, 2018

Sometimes It's A Relief To Have Fewer Choices

 In this day and age it sometimes feels like there are too many choices. It's nice to have options but it can be overwhelming to search through hundreds of channels on a television or trying to navigate through a supermarket trying to find just the right thing.I recently cut cable and found it a relief to only have to choose from a dozen or so stations that come in using an over the air antenna. It doesn't take long to decide if there is something worth watching or if it's time to break out a book.

I get tired of trying to decide here to go birding sometimes so when time or circumstances limits my choices it is a relief in some ways. I only had enough time to pop into the fairgrounds one morning to watch a Killdeer wading in a mud puddle.
 I was on my way home and had just enough time to check a short trail in Hurd Park where I was able to find a Hooded Warbler!
 I was without my car one morning and had to resort to finding a place within walking distance to go bird-watching. I was ever so happy to see a Black and White Warbler. If I had my car I would have probably been eager to find the next best place and the next best bird. Fewer choices can= less stress and more appreciation of hat we do have.

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