Sunday, May 27, 2018

Good Birds In Bad Weather

 I went out birding at a stretch of powerline cuts in Portland last weekend. As you can see, it was a very foggy morning.
If it weren't for the fog I might have captured a really nice photo of a Scarlet Tanager.
This is another crappy photo of a Wilson's Warbler which I rarely ever see.
 They have been clearing a lot of trees and vegetation this year  from some of my favorite spots which has decreased the number of migrating birds I usually see there. 

 I've never walked the whole length of this particular stretch of powerline cut before and was very encouraged by the large number of Blue-winged Warblers, Eastern Towhees, and Prairie Warblers (in photo) that I saw (about 15-20 of each species). I downplayed my numbers on eBird a little because they wanted evidence to justify the high number of particular species I was seeing.

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