Monday, August 12, 2019

A Quiet Walk Through An Isolated Field

 We had a nice break from the humidity this weekend. Sunday morning. I took a long walk through the woods that leads to some fields along the Connecticut River. I encountered 44 species of birds along the way including a Black-billed Cuckoo and a Scarlet Tanager feeding its fledglings. 
This time of the year there are lots of birds in Connecticut but are tougher to see with everything being overgrown. I caught a glimpse of some Bobolinks in the field.
There were also Green Herons keeping a lookout from trees that bordered the edge of the field in the swampy areas. 

Some paces are so out of the way that it can seem like more walking than its worth to look for birds but sometimes the journey is the best part. There is something special about having an entire slice of nature pie all to yourself.

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