Saturday, August 31, 2019

I'll Miss These 2 Birds In The Winter

 This a place they call Del Reeves Marsh which is located out in the Meshomasic State Forest. It's a beautiful place to visit but is a little rough on my Corolla getting out there on those forest roads. They've spotted some interesting birds here including kites and recently an Olive-side Flycatcher.
 I didn't get any photos of rare birds like that today but I did come across one of the hundreds of catbirds I've seen over the summer. I'm taking them for granted right now but I thought I'd take at least one more good look at one because I know I'll be missing their inquisitive nature and smorgasbord of calls when winter arrives.
There are herons by the dozens now but they too will be scarce during the winter months. It's funny how the mind works. As despised as House Sparrows are around here, we would be searching high and low for them if they ever became extinct.

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