Sunday, May 17, 2020

I Almost Forgot I Had A Camera

 It was one of those magical spring migration days at Machimoodus Park. The air was crystal clear and birds were dripping from every tree. We saw 55 different species in a matter of a a couple of hours.  
 I was too busy looking up in the tree tops to bother taking my camera out but always make an exception for an owl. This Barred Owl flew off before I could catch him in the open but I was happy enough just to see him.
There are several species of warbler that I can expect to see every year but the Cerulean Warbler is not one of those. It's a lucky day when I get to hear one of these and even luckier to get a good look at one. These tiny birds stay high in the tree tops and are constantly bouncing from one branch to another. 

On Days like this I wish there was 2 of me. One to watch birds through binoculars and one to take pictures!

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