Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Birds Are Like Money Falling From The Sky

 It started with a catbird about a week ago. He was calling from the tangles seemingly warning me that many migrants are heading are way. I will see hundreds of catbirds this year. If truth be told, I'll grow a little tired of hearing their scrambled squawking by the end of summer. There's nothing like the first one of the year in early morning light.
 Birds are everywhere in May. I'm looking up in the trees trying to find orioles while Wood Thrushes are singing their beautiful songs deep in the woods.
 You can't even ignore the mud puddles because their might see a little peep wading around. 
 As I traveled along a steep trail their were yellow Warblers protecting their bushes every 20 feet. I was so wound up about the birds I was finding that I didn't get around to tying my hiking boots until I walked through a mud puddle and had the laces slap mud on the back of my pants.
My head was spinning form all the birds I was hearing and seeing. It was almost like having money falling from the sky and desperately trying to pick up the bills before they blew away. 

Maybe this frog has the right idea. Just sit still in one place and watch everything that's going on from your hiding spot.

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Val Ewing said...

I do that a lot...sit tight and listen to all the birds while hiking!
After winter's silences, it is overwhelming to hear so much music at once.