Sunday, July 19, 2020

Before The Heat Hits And The Flies Bite

 Summer is not my favorite time of the year to walk in the woods. I try to get out before it gets too hot and those vicious biting flies get too aggressive. There's a certain time of the morning when insect repellent only serves as a liquid refreshment to go with their breakfast.

I went for a relaxing stroll through a tunnel of mountain laurel.
Along the way I found a tree that looked like it had been excavated by a woodpecker. By the size of it, I'm guessing it wasn't a downy.
 I'm not crazy about walking into spider webs in the early morning but I do admire the natural beauty when light reflects off of them.
I could hear dozens of warblers, flycatchers and thrushes but only managed to catch a photo of a scruffy young bluebird who was kind enough to land on a snag.

The key for me in the summer is to head out no later than 6am and finish the morning by 9am.

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