Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Non-Resident Parking Just $75!

 I took a ride down to the shore hoping to find a particular species of bird at a particular town beach.I found the non-resident parking fee a bit steep at $75 and decided to turn around and head off in another direction. I'm thinking they wanted to keep out of towners out of town.
 So I looked around the area and found a crow. I didn't hear it but since I was down by the shore it may have been a fish crow.
 There is no shortage of Osprey down at the shoreline.
I headed back to my home town where there was a Great Egret walking the shores of an old factory pond right off the main drag.
There were also Canada Geese which don't thrill most birders unless there is a huge flock from which to look for rarities. I thought they looked nice in the mid-day sun.

Maybe I should have stayed in town. At least the parking was free!

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Nan said...

I wish there were more of those signs around everything! Tourists are not well-liked around here, especially this year. They seem to think they own the joint! And live by their own rules. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Haven't been writing much or reading the blogs I so enjoy.