Thursday, January 7, 2021

Peripheral Birding

I think that one way we spoil the magic of bird-watching is by trying too hard. Instead of going out in the woods seeking birds like a bounty hunter it sometimes works better not to look for them at all. By focusing on things like the beauty of your surroundings.....
or the sound of your footsteps and breathing as you head down abandoned tracks, you can open your mind and view things in expanded dimensions.
In this way, you can detect birds using your peripheral vision and you might even say the peripheral part of your mind.
Then when you turn your head to really look at a particular bird it seems to stand out in full-dimensional living color!

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Val Ewing said...

I do get your point. Most of the time when I am wandering, I do exactly that and can usually ID a bird by their song. But I do that in most things while walking in our forest.