Monday, November 15, 2021

Just A Little Sun To Take The Chill Off

I do like early morning birding in November. Many of the leaves have fallen from the tree and the frost has tamed the wildweeds. Some of the birds have headed south for warmer climates but many still remain. 

I stopped at a patch of woods with a little bit of cover underneath. A winter coat and a nice spray of sunshine was all I needed to make me forget the temperature was down in the 30'sBirds are easier to see without vegetation blocking the view. 

Birds like to find a sunny spot too in the colder weather.

I also checked some of the local ponds. There was many geese and a few Bufflehead ducks swimming about.
This cormorant seemed quite content with a nice rock and a little bit of sunshine to take the chill off. It seems that the bird and I had the same plan this morning!


Dick Mansfield said...

Nice photos - I enjoy your posts

Val Ewing said...

Next year I plan and learning a bit more about birds. They are so fascinating. Thanks for introducing them in a way that has peaked my interest!