Sunday, December 5, 2021

One Of The Most Overlooked Birds Amongst Birders

One of the most overlooked birds amongst birders is the ones in their own backyard. I spend much of my free mornings traveling around looking for birds. It's not until I need to do yardwork that I really pay close attention to the birds that are lurking around my yard. 

In this case it is a Red-shouldered Hawk perched silently in a tree. I knew we had them around because I heard them all summer. They have to be one of the noisiest hawks on earth. Kee-yar kee-yar kee-yar all day long. I don't mind though. It's a stern warning to the rodents in the area that they better stay out of trouble!

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Val Ewing said...

We have them too, or at least one, but normally he/she is so far up in the is hard to see them unless they are circling.
The crows here chase them all the time!