Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Many Birds Love Flooded Fields

Every March when all the ice has melted the Portland Fairgrounds attracts a nice variety of birds.
There are many different types of ducks but the Northern Shoveler with its long shovel-like bill is one of the most sought after ones.
A variety of shorebirds are likely such as the Wilson's Snipe and birds like Killdeer and yellowlegs seen here (except for the one yellowlegs taking a bath in the background).

This is generally the last big local birding excitement that takes place until the warblers start arriving some time in April. Then it becomes  an all you can bird buffet frenzy!


Val Ewing said...

Nice! I just saw the first killdeer while driving home yesterday from town, it flew past me and across a hay field.

Michelle said...

The Northern Shoveler is a new one for me. Unique and handsome!