Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Warblers Trickling In

I've been spending most of my birding time around local rivers, streams, and ponds like this one. It seems that Canada Geese like to nest on top of beaver huts. Seeing just one family of Canada Geese in a small pond seems more appealing than a city pond that is overrun by dozens of messy geese.
I'm starting to notice that some of the winter species of ducks have departed and there is more activity in the surrounding woods. The early warblers, like this Palm Warbler are slowly starting to trickle in. Soon the trees will be dripping with them. 

The Palm Warblers often hop around trees and bushes that are near ground level making it easier to follow them around than some of the other warbler species.

Some of the warblers insist on staying near the tops of trees which can lead to a bad case of what they call warbler-neck. If you spend a few hours looking up into the tops of trees with binoculars  you will know exactly what that means!


Michelle said...

They look like sweet, little bundles of activity.

Nan said...

I am quite sure I've never seen a warbler. I love that yellow. And I love the nest on the beaver home!

Val Ewing said...

I found my first warbler last year! I sure hope I can find some again this year.

They are so bright and happy.