Sunday, December 24, 2023

Ponds Minus Ice=Ducks

So far, the temperatures have been moderate during the day with temperatures reaching the 40's. I've been taking advantage of this weather to search the local ponds for ducks. This is a secret little bog hidden in the woods.
This is a little pond right next to a busy road right in the middle of town. There was a scare a couple of years ago when a Snakefish Snakefish was found here. That is an invasive species and not one you want in your local pond!
Even a mucky little pond like this can have mergansers during the winter when there is open water. I especially like the markings on the Male Hooded Merganser. The female is seen trailing behind.
The Common Merganser is actually common during the winter here also. I believe they call them Goosanders in Europe.

I am hopeful that the ice will stay away beyond past the new year. That is when the new list of species starts all over again. It will be nice to find some of the winter birds locally which means less driving around to find what you're looking for.

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!


Val Ewing said...

I wonder if that would be the same for us here in SW WI. With no snow and mild temps, I wonder what ducks could be found. I should go look for some!

Merry Christmas

Larry said...

I'll be looking for that duck report soon. Even if it's just Mallards!