Sunday, December 3, 2023

The kind Of Snow You Don't Have to Shovel!

I was sitting near the dock of the bay after the clouds had already rolled away and to my surprise, some Snow Buntings came my way!
I've seen Snow Buntings many times during the winter but usually at Hammonasset State Park. These were at Saybrook Point which is in the county I live in.
Another thing I was pleased with was that the buntings were kind enough to sit up on a rail. Usually I see them on the ground mixed in with grass and gravel where it's harder to appreciate the subtle colors and patterns of their feathers.
It was nice while it lasted but then they were flying off to an abandoned parking lot. 

I appreciate the beauty of a snow storm or 2 during the winter but Snow Bunting have their own kind of beauty and the great thing is you don't need a shovel. Binoculars and a camera will do just fine!


Val Ewing said...

Those are beautiful! Great shots too.

Snow Buntings! My grandmother used to refer to Juncos as 'Snow Birds'. She said if we saw them, snow was not far behind.

I have not seen these yet!
thank you!

L. D. said...

I don't live in the right area to see these birds. They are so wonderful to see.