Saturday, December 3, 2011

Can Nature Compete With The Digital Age?

  One of things I enjoy most is a walk through the woods early in the morning . There's nothing like that tranquil feeling when your in some secluded forest surrounded by nature.
Your senses are attuned to the tiniest of details because you are truly in the moment. You savor the sound of a trickling stream or the sight of a deer that comes upon you unexpectedly. Everything seems to have a mystical quality whether it be bird or berry.
 I wish I could say that all of my experiences with nature were like this but it takes more than just being there. It also requires a mind that is relatively free from mental clutter. That's not always possible in this busy world we live in.

 Every day there are new and improved televisions, cell phones, computers along with countless other electronic gadgetry that bedazzles the mind. You don't have to rely on your senses to stimulate your mind when you have a state-of-the-art digital device to do it for you. How can a simple walk in the woods compete with that? I wonder if our current addiction to technology makes it more difficult to find that special connection with nature?
 You can't upgrade a Black-capped Chickadee to a 7.0 version or use a remote control to change a Song Sparrow into a Le Conte's Sparrow.
 It's not possible to send a text message to a Cooper's Hawk instructing it to move into a better position for a photo-op.
  There are so many products to keep us entertained these days, is it even necessary to stay in touch with nature any more? Everything you see in the natural world is only as your senses perceive it to be, but that is what separates it from the modern world. It is real, not digitally enhanced. I believe  keeping our connection with nature alive is more important now than ever before.


Dan Huber said...

very nice post Larry, and I agree completely. Keeping that connection alive and strong is really the most important thing to keep me going these days.


Unknown said...

Hi Larry..Thought provoking post.. I believe if you have made a connection w/ nature..the digital world can't compete. However if the connection has not been made..the digital world may overwhelm. Childhood experience is everything..

Larry said...

Dan-Thanks Dan. I prefer outings that are focused on nature and tranquility over tallying up species but I tend to do a little of both.

Cindy-And now you are provoking more thoughts-good point- I grew up all nature and no digital but do feel that I'm starting to get a little spoiled by all the latest technology.

Dawn Fine said...

So true! I also grew up spending allot of time in nature. Sunday nature walks with the family and grandparents. Our fun as children was spent playing in the woods.

~I always feel the need to to connect with nature if i haven't for some is a way of recharging my batteries.

These days I spend a few hours each day online..and sometimes more..Every now and then I feel the need to shut off for a few days. I daydream about how life would be without the internet~and as much as I LOVE it..I know I would be just fine without it.

I do agree with Cindy~that childhood experience is Key.

Though,I have some relatives that have had the childhood connection that are totally sucked into the digital world and rarely see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry,

You sharpened your digital photos too much!

I couldn't resist.


Larry said...

Dawn-I'm glad you were able to relate to the ideas in the post and thanks for your comments.

Anonymous-Thanks for the constructive criticism-I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to photography or photo processing-I'm just kind of guessing. If you have any other suggestions that might be helpful let me know (preferably by e-mail link is on sidebar) -thanks.

troutbirder said...

Great post and I agree with Cindy's comment. Some days I wished I had lived in the 19th century (excepting a few things like modern medicine and my little point and shoot digital camera). :)

Larry said...

troutbirder-I'd like to live a simpler life myself but would want to hang on to some of the modern conveniences too.

Kathie Brown said...

Well said Larry!

Dostoy said...

I love technology and nature. And the technology you use really enhances your readers' perception of nature.

When life becomes too technological, as if often does, that actually can increase one's appreciation for nature and the simple things.

I live in Chicago and am very urban, but even for me, I love to get away from too much tech and spend quality time with my two cats and my two rabbits. Petting them is as low-tech as you can get, and also one of the greatest thrills of my day.

I even enjoy caring for my houseplants. Watching them grow and change is also low-tech. And a real joy.

By the way, I absolutely love your photo of the hawthorn berries. Or do you call them thorn apples?

Thanks again for your wonderful blog.

Larry said...

Dostoy-thanks for the in depth comments and analysis.