Friday, August 31, 2012

Close Encounters Of The Green Kind

I've been taking advantage of the viewing platform at the Helen Carlson Bog this month. It is an excellent place to view Green Herons. Green Herons are only about the size of a crow. They are migratory, so it is rare to see one in Connecticut during the winter months. It's interesting to watch them when they're on the hunt. Their movements remind me of a cat sneaking up on its prey. 
The platform gives you a wide open view of the bog so a scope comes in really handy here.
Sometimes with a little patience, the herons will surprise you by landing on nearby branch. They raise their crest when excited. This is thought to be used as a threat by making them appear larger.
 I found lots of interesting information about heron behavior at this link: heron behavior terminology written by James A. Kushlan.
click to play
 This YouTube video shows a Green Heron using bread as a tool to entice fish into its striking range. I thought the play-by-play commentary was amusing.


Ruth said...

I like green herons but had no idea they were so intelligent. That is a very interesting video clip!

Unknown said...

Fascinating..and great shots!

Dostoy said...


troutbirder said...

Interting herons indeed. And as we get older I find myself more stuck in my ways. Thus you post on breaking my own rules was a good reminder to flexible.... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larry, haven't visited in a loooong time! Glad to see you are still birding and still keeping the blog up!

Steadyjohn said...

Ha ha, what an amazing bird; thanks for the video!