Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Birding Specials

 I was out with all the birders on Black Friday. It was mayhem today. Birders were lined up in sleeping bags waiting for the locked gates to open at all the state parks. As an incentive crows were available for viewing at no cost. Birders were sword fighting with tripods and scopes trying to be the first one to get a free look at the crows!
At Hammonasset Snow Buntings were 50% off! There was only about 50-100 of them so they went fast.
Please don't mock me mockingbird for taking part in Black Friday Birding. Even birders can't resist a good deal!


France Paulsen said...

Cute sense of humor. I love to be an early bird and catch sight of my feathered friends first. Happy Birding.

Cathy said...

Great satire!

Kathie Brown said...

Very funny! I just ebirded my first snow buntings here in Maine last month! I found them in Livermore, Maine on a back road near some farm fields! Very cold it was!