Monday, August 24, 2015

Less Sneaking & More Birding With Shore Pass

 There are a good number of protected areas with public access along the Connecticut shoreline.
Many of these protected areas seem to be comprised of marsh habitat that is a great place to find heron, Osprey (above) , and many other species of birds.
 American Oystercatcher
Gaining direct access to the Connecticut shoreline during the summer can be tricky. As you get closer to the sound you will start to encounter signs that read-no trespassing, private community- residents only, private beach- residents only, no parking anywhere on this street, non-residents $20 for parking, private marina customers only, private walkway-residents only and so on. 
Short-billed Dowitchers
It puts you in the uncomfortable position of having to choose between bending rules or parking in town and walking back to the shore. Even then you have to find a way to get beyond the barrier of houses and cottages which block the shoreline like an international border.

It might be easier if birders could purchase a parking pass that would allow you access along the entire Connecticut shoreline.This way the focus would be on birding and would eliminate the need to sneak around looking for parking spots and walking paths to reach the water.


Linda said...

Beautiful series, Larry!

June said...

I love your bird pictures!