Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Surpassed Winter As My #3 Season

Spring has always been my favorite season in Connecticut with the fall season being a very close 2nd. Winter has always been 3rd on my list and summer has always come in last place. This year, as of today, I have made the decision that summer has officially surpassed Winter as my 3rd favorite season!

It started with my first definitive sighting of the elusive (to me) Black-backed Woodpecker. I was able to capture a photo to remind me that it wasn't just a dream. Technically it was spring when I saw it but on my calendar summer starts at then end of May
Of course, the horrendous winters we've had in recent years had a lot to do with my sudden conversion.
 This year I decided to embrace summer birding instead of trying to avoid it as I have in past years which led to some fun sightings such as this which was boldly defending territory near the nest.
It the summer of Night-herons I was able to see Yellow-crowned and Black-crowned both adult and immature birds like this one.

 I want to apologize to summer for all the hating I've sent your way over the years. It's not your fault that blood-sucking bugs and humidity are your friends. As for Winter; I'll say we've had some good times together but you'd better get your act together if you want to make it back to number 3!


troutbirder said...

That's a great sighting . I'd have to leave the MINN/ IOWA BORDER & head to northern Minn to maybe see one,,,:)

Crafty Green Poet said...

Great photos. I find summer is a poor time to birdwatch in woodland, as the birds all stop singing and become quiet for their moult, but it can be a very rewarding time on the coast as the passage migrants come along....