Monday, December 28, 2015

6 Reasons I Like Winter Birding

With the exception of days when we have severe weather conditions winter is one of my favorite times of the year for bird-watching .
Here are 6 reasons that I like winter birding:

1: Trees with bare branches and fields of gold: That makes birds much easier to find.
2: The silence of freshly fallen snow: There is something very peaceful about taking an early morning when the ground is coated with freshly fallen snow.The snow provides natural soundproofing which makes everything seem quiet and peaceful. 
 3: Appreciation of more common birds: Once spring arrives everyone is chasing tropical migrant birds. You tend to forget that we have some beautiful birds year round.
 4) The air seems cleaner in winter: This makes everything seem stand out vividly, including birds.
 5) Interesting birds sometimes show up in winter: For example, crossbills or Pine Grosbeaks as seen in the photo above. 
6) There's always the shoreline: Inland birding can be hit or miss during the winter in Connecticut but there are always plenty of birds near the shoreline. Every January birders doing a "Big January" are able to find over 100 species (sometimes nearing 150) in Connecticut. A good portion of those birds are found along Connecticut's shoreline.

So there may be days when it's too snowy or too cold but I'm looking forward to plenty of great mornings of birding in Connecticut this winter!


Linda said...

Great list, Larry, and I love your photos! I love the winter! :)

Anonymous said...

150 species in January is a great amount -- it takes me until May to see over 100 species in my part of Alberta. Happy birding in 2016!

David M. Gascoigne, said...

You are quite right. Winter birding has a charm and appeal all of its own.

Unknown said...

In general I prefer winter to summer walks. Enjoy!

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments!