Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Why Do People Bother Keeping Lists Of Birds?

(first of year Northern Mockingbird)
At the beginning of each year many birders start a list to track their first sighting of the year for each bird species they see (foy=first of year). Some organize these into month lists, year lists or whatever type of list seems relevant to them. I've never been particularly interested in keeping lists but eBird has made it so much easier that I've tried to keep up with it the last couple of years. 

I've sometimes wondered why people bother keeping lists of birds and gain a sense of satisfaction as their lists gets bigger. I think  human beings have an instinctual need to organize things. It makes us feel more secure and in control. People in general also like to strive towards achieving goals. So the desire to lists birds is really not much different than a desire to complete a puzzle or score points in a basketball game. 
first of year House Finch
Some of us may not be as competitive or organized  and are content  just to watch birds or take photos of them. Either way anything that gets us outdoors to appreciate nature has to be a positive!

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warriormom said...

I love the House Finch shot. Oh I need to get outside and do some birding.