Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Camping, Birding & Rambling Around Kent CT

I spent a few days camping out in Macedonia State Forest in Kent Connecticut. I added the canopy as extra protection because there was some rain in the forecast but overall I had good weather.  Kent and the surrounding Litchfield area has a lot of scenic beauty so I can understand why many celebrities have built there homes in this part of the state. Fortunately, camping is still a relative bargain and doesn't require a movie star income.
One of the most well known natural features in Kent is the Kent Falls. They extend even further down but I couldn't get it all in one frame.
You don't want to mess with the cats in this town.
 I found an abandoned car while walking along the trails at the Sharon Audubon Center. I like looking at abandoned cars in the woods because they seem to tell a story that leaves it to your imagination to fill in the blank pages.
 Sharon Audubon Center has one of the few blinds in the state which I've come across which are actually somewhat useful in the way it was set up.
I had a nice view of some Wood Ducks that were passing through...
 ..and also saw a Palm Warbler bouncing around the bushes outside of the blind.

In the distance I kept on hearing a strange call and couldn't figure out what it was. I thought it might be a bird of interest that I needed to track down.
click center to play
I had forgotten that there was an aviary at the center. This frisky Raven captured my attention with his loud vocalizations which could be heard from the other side of the pond!


Linda said...

Beautiful photos of such a lovely place! Thank you so much for sharing!

Michelle said...

I have seen Ravens before, but haven't heard them vocalize like this. Nice!

Anu said...

Great photos of Wood ducks and Palm warbler! Photo of Kent Falls is beautiful.

Sarah said...

Lovely photos! The next time you're in the area, the Emily Winthrop Miles Sanctuary (a stone's throw away from Sharon Audubon on W. Cornwall Road) is also well worth a visit. I even spotted a river otter there once.

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments! Interestingly enough, I saw an otter at the pond at Sharon Audubon Center a couple of years ago but I will have to check out the other sanctuary next time I'm there.