Sunday, June 10, 2018

It's Time To Change Routines Birding Routines

 It was a good morning for me birding along the shoreline. I added 5 new species to my year list: Marsh Wren,Willow Flycatcher, Clapper Rail, Little Blue Heron, and Yellow-crowned Night Heron.
I'm at 164 species for this year in Middlesex County. I only reached 172 last year and had a lot more free time so I think that it's time for me to switch gears again.
 During the summer when the pace slows down I'll start to do things like look at grackles in a puddle or rabbits on the patio.
I'll feel a need to change my routine by taking different approaches to birding, birding with different people and taking things as they come instead of trying to make things happen.

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