Sunday, March 31, 2019

Birding In The Sunshine & Blogging In The Rain

 My only opportunity for birding this weekend was Sunday morning.The forecast called for rain but the birding gods rewarded me with a bright, blue sky.
 I spent most of my time walking along the main trail at one of my favorite local spots, the Portland reservoir. It has trails that lead you through pine forest, across forest streams and circle around the edge of the reservoir. What more could I ask for on a beautiful spring morning?
 I'm not sure why people are always making rock piles like this but I think it has to do with some sort of game.
 I was happy enough with the beautiful scenery and cooperative weather but birding would not be much fun without birds.The Dark-eyed Juncos will soon be heading north and....................................
The male Red-winged Blackbirds are make their arrival known with the their unique call that is described as sounding like: conk-la-ree. Bird call descriptions are kind of subjective so they don't always make sense to everyone. It's sort of like looking at constellations in the night sky. You really have to use your imagination to see the star pictures the way they are described.

It was sort of nice that it rained in the afternoon while I was doing this blog post- (at an unnamed coffee place with green on their cups). Birding in the Sunshine and blogging in the rain. Almost sounds like a song title. 

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