Sunday, April 7, 2019

Waiting With Birds At Abandoned Greenhouse

  I showed up early at a parking lot to meet a fellow birder so that we could carpool. As I was sitting in my car I noticed an abandoned greenhouse that was bordered by trees at the edge of a quarry cliff.
 As soon as I walked over to the area I was greeted by 2 Eastern Phoebes. One was perched on a tree branch.
 The other phoebe was on top of some old netting material.
 There was a curious robin that seemed to lean in to see what I was doing from an overhanging tree branch.
While this titmouse looked up at the robin above him.

There are birds almost everywhere all the time. One of things that I've come to realize is that it is very easy to overlook birds if you're not paying attention. They can be anywhere from a mountain of trash to an abandoned greenhouse. Another thing is that there is no better time to take the camera out when you are waiting to meet another birder as you will soon be busy with binoculars.

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