Monday, August 24, 2020

Paths Can Lead To Another World

It sometimes amazes me how our perception of the world can change so dramatically just by taking a short walk along a nature trail.  
This trail is a small section of what once supposed to be a trolley track. The tree-lined path leads you through woodland surrounded by marshy habitat. 
Shortly after I entered the trail I noticed how quiet it became. I could hear dewdrops falling from the trees and the sound of fluttering  wings as birds flew from one side to the other was so amplified that you would think it was being played through stereo speakers. The drone of insects buzzing combined with the sound of my own breathing made for a hypnotic effect. My senses became hypersensitive to every sight, sound, and smell. 
This area is also the site of a former mink farm.
A pile of twisted cages still remains as evidence of its existence from years ago.
( photo from previous trip)
I also saw many birds during the morning. I moved along at such a slow, relaxed pace, letting my senses do the work instead of stalking birds like a Paparazzi. 

 My favorite sighting was probably that of a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. I really enjoyed the banditry of chickadees conversing from strategic locations along the way while nuthatches chimed in with their nasal calls. I observed about 20 other species as well, but on this morning, it wasn't about what birds I saw or how many. For a brief period of time, I was able to step out of my world to become part of theirs and it's hard to top that.


Val Ewing said...

Very thoughtful post and another reason why I love hiking so much. Not just for pretty photos, but for enjoying the freedom of soul searching.

Larry said...

Well put! That's what it's all about!