Sunday, April 25, 2021

Don't Forget The Local Birds!

I went to the reservoir waiting for that great warbler fallout. It was a beautiful morning but a Yellow-rumped Warbler was the only new  find for me. The larger warbler crowd has not yet arrived.
So I looked around and found a Red-winged Blackbird proudly bellowing his croaky song from the top of a branch. I kind of took these birds for granted this year and never managed to capture this classic pose that reminds us that Spring is in full swing.
I traveled down the road a bit to check the tangled woods across from the Helen Carlson Bog. One more species for the year here-Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. They were too tiny and too high to capture a photo.
Down on the ground was the year-round resident that is a common visitor to many back yards, the White-breasted Nuthatch. I don't usually put much effort into taking a picture of one of these guys but this one seemed to beg for attention so here he is! 

We're lucky to still have birds to see as we wait for the warblers patiently!  


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Val Ewing said...

I appreciate your photos of these common birds. I see them but rarely take a photo of them. I love hearing all the different songs of the birds as they return in the spring.