Sunday, April 18, 2021

Magic Of The Setting Of The Sighting


The level of enjoyment when it comes to birdwatching can be affected by many factors. Rarity of the bird, lighting, and weather conditions in which you are doing you're viewing are a few examples. 

Another factor is the setting in which you encounter a particular bird. I see Great Egrets frequently when I visit the shoreline in warmer months.I don't, however, see them often at our local fairgrounds which is a long way inland from the shore!Also commonly seen at the shore are Osprey nesting on one of the numerous man-made platforms. It's nice to see but so commonplace these days that I can't say it makes me slam on the brakes to get a look.

When I saw this Osprey perched on a branch overlooking the Connecticut River, I immediately pulled off the road to get a closer look. 

Here is the same species of bird in a different setting. It was all by itself on a well-lit branch with no man-made platform around and far from the shoreline. I found this particular sighting to be stunning!
Another example is the conditions under which I viewed these deer. I always enjoy seeing a deer but hiking through the woods in foggy conditions and encountering deer during a nature walk adds to the ambience.

The setting of the sighting can make all the difference with your viewing experience!

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Val Ewing said...

That one osprey photo is just stunning when he is isolated and just on the branch.
Love the fog and the deer too.

You are correct, sometimes the settings are what makes all the difference in the world!