Saturday, April 3, 2021

Spring Migration Starting At The Bog

I was out at the Helen Carlson Bog yesterday. This is a special place to visit. It is easily accessible from the road but a nice piece of bird habitat that makes me feel like I'm up in a remote part of northern New England somewhere. 

It didn't take long into my walk to see spring migration is well underway. There was at least 30 Tree Swallows, 2 Eastern Phoebes, and 2 Palm Warblers, none of which I took pictures of.
I did, however, manage to catch a Pine Warbler perched on a branch.Northern Flickers remain here throughout the winter but are nevertheless always a pleasure to see.

I'm hoping that next weekend will bring warmer weather and more neotropical migrants will start to descend from the sky and cover the trees like drops of rain.

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Val Ewing said...

It is always a joy to see what you have found. We had a very warm weekend in WI. I need to get out to the ponds to see the Sandhill Crane and others!