Monday, December 8, 2008

Songbird Lyrics Game

Name the song that the lyrics belong to and/or an artist who performed it. Let us know which ones you knew, even if it has already been answered.

Blue=Unanswered Grey-incomplete Black-answered

1)Maybe you think that love was made for fools. So it makes you wise to break the rules..

2)Just then I saw a young hawk flyin', And my soul began to rise, And pretty soon, my heart was singin'...

3)You'll remember me when the west wind moves-Among the fields of barley -You can tell the sun in his jealous sky

4)Sleigh bells in the air. Beauty everywhere. Yuletide by- the fireside And joyful memories there

5)Guess who eats together at the Carnegie Deli? Bowser from Sha Na Na and Arthur Fonzarelli!

6)So long sad times-Pull along bad times-We are rid of you at last

7)'Cause I have wandered through this world
And as each moment has unfurled

8)Down in Louisiana- Where the alligators grow so mean
There lived a girl that I swear to the world -Made the alligators look tame

9)If I seem edgy, I want you to know, -That I never mean to take it out on you.
Life has its problems, and I get my share, -And that's one thing I never mean to do

10)Saturday night and you're still hangin' around-Tired of living in your one horse town-You'd like to find a little hole in the ground, For awhile

11) Some folks like to get away, Take a holiday from the neighborhood. Hop a flight to Miami Beach or to Hollywood. But I'm takin' a Greyhound on the Hudson River line...

12) I want you to know, that I'm happy for you-I wish nothing but the best for you both

13)By the county line the cops were nipping on our wheels-Pulled off the road kicked it to 4 wheel-Shut off the lights, tore through a corn field

14)This morning put salt in my coffee. I put my shoes on the wrong feet. I'm losin' my mind, I swear; It might be the death of me, But I don't care.

15) I, I’m driving black on black -Just got my license back-I got this feeling in my veins this train is coming off the track

16)Time cast a spell on you -But you won't forget me

17)It is the summer of my smiles - flee from me Keepers of the Gloom. Speak to me only with your eyes. It is to you I give this tune.

18) A church house Gin house- A school house Outhouse-On Highway Number Nineteen-The people keep the city clean

19)You say you're cried a thousand rivers-And now you're swimming for the shore-You left me drowning in my tears-And you won't save me anymore

20)I've wasted all my tears-Wasted all of those years-And nothing had the chance to be good-Cause nothing ever could oh yeah

21)The mood is right- The spirits up- We're here tonight- And that's enough

22)Out of all the reindeers you know you're the mastermind

23)A cloud appears above your head-A beam of light comes shining down on you-Shining down on you

24)We sailed on together-We drifted apart-And here you are by my side

25)Oh oh here she comes-Watch out boy she'll chew you up

26)May God bless and keep you always -May your wishes all come true-
May you always do for others -And let others do for you

27)And I've lost my light-For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night

28)Movin' down a crowded avenue- Doing anything we like to do -There's always lots of things that we can see- You can be anyone we like to be

29)Well, I grew up quick and I grew up mean, My fist got hard and my wits got keen,

30)Well, if it rains, I don’t care-Don’t make no difference to me


Patrick B. said...

3. Fields of Gold - Sting
5. The Hannukah Song (the original version) - Adam Sandler
10. Captain Jack - Billy Joel
11. NY State of Mind - Billy Joel
12. You Oughta Know - Alanis Morrissette
16. Silver Spring - Fleetwood Mac (great song)
19. I'll Be There For You - Bon Jovi
20. Holding Back the Years - Simply Red (one of my all time fav songs)
24. Open Arms - Journey
25. Maneater - Hall & Oates
27. Tainted Love - Softcell?

Kim said...

Patrick, you have found your second calling here!! HA, I couldn't figure even one of them out.

Seriously I am terrible at this type of stuff. I love music too, but seeing it in words instead of song throws me off some.

Patrice said...

I'm with Kallen. I don't recognize any of these without a melody.

RuthieJ said...

Gosh Larry, my brain must be froze. I recognize the lyrics for #30 only as a song by the Doobie Brothers, but can't even remember enough of them to figure out the title.
Where's Lynne?? She'll save us!
(Oh yeah, I recognized Maneater too, but Patrick already got that one)

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

I do awful on this but a couple came through:
(4) Christmastime is Here from A Charlie Brown's Christmas by Vince Guaraldi (spelling?)
(6) Happy Days are Here Again. I like Barbra Streisand's version in her early career

Larry said...

Patrick-I figured you would do well with the Billy Joel but you did well with the 80's stuff too. Way to go!

Kallen 305-There are a lot of people that have a tough time with this game while others seem to be naturals at it.-just one of those things.

Patrice-I would do melody only if I could figure an efficient way to do it.

Ruthie J-You are correct-number 30 will now turn from blue to grey with a partial answer.

Zen-Very good!

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Came back for more punishment. #7 and #28 are driving me crazy but I figured #21 - Wonderful Christmas Time by Wings/Paul McCartney.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm late to the party!!!

7. Doctor My Eyes/Jackson Browne
8. Poke Salad Annie/?
26. Forever Young/ Springsteen
28. Groovin'/ the Rascals
29. Boy Named Sue/Johnny Cash
30. Black Water/Doobie Brothers

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I think I was a country music fan in the 80's....

Greg said...

#8. Polk Salad Annie

Greg said...

Oops. Tony Joe White sang and wrote "Poke" Salad Annie. #8

Greg said...

#26. Forever Young, by Bob Dylan

Larry said...

Zen-You are correct on number 21!

Lynne-All correct-except 26 was Dylan.I'm glad you showed up to show that this can be done-I was getting roughed up by the crowd!

Greg-Good job on number 8.-My wife came up with that one-I didn't remember that song. Also good job with the Artist on number 26.

Larry said...

Here's a few clues for the rest:
1)-Think Motown-this was a fairly popular tune.

2)This gravelly voiced singer-band same a snickname for Coors lite.

9)Band popular in 60's-singer had a deepish gritty voice.

13)-modern country

14 +15-modern rock

17)60-70's British rock supergroup.

18)Oprah keeps bringinging this lady back on her show to perform.

22)I can't rally give a clue for this Christmas somg-a little more rocking than most I guess.

23)For the name of the group-see previous post.

Lana Gramlich said...

I can't shed any light on the unknowns, I'm afraid. Never was into Motown, country, etc. I'll guess "Cream" for #17, but that's a totally wild guess.

Greg said...

1. I Second that Emotion, Smoky Robinson and the Miracles

22. Run, Rudolph, Run Muppets?

9. Please Don't Let me be misunderstood? The Animals? Cat Stevens covered it in his Yushof CD.

Am I aging myself here?

Mary said...

Larry, can you attach a melody with the lyrics? LOL! I'm glad Lynne knows her songs...

Larry said...

Lana-I'll add some Pink Floydish type stuff next time.

Greg-1)correct 22)correct but Chuck berry was most famous for it.It was written by Johnny Marks and Mark Brodie. 9) correct.-3 for 3 very good!

Mary-I should do a survey some time of what people are most familiar with.

dguzman said...

Kinda late to the party, but here's what I've got:
15. Highway to Hell? -- AC/DC
18. Nutbush City Limits --Tina Turner
23. I Ran -- Flock of Seagulls

Larry said...

dzugman-Not too late though.-right on number 18 and number 23!