Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Just Watched A Birder's Guide To Everything

I've been anxious to see the movie "A Birder's guide To Everything" since I learned about it last summer on the Birding with Kenn & Kimberly blog. It's only playing in select theaters so I decided to rented it from the online Itunes store and watched it on my laptop.

 It's a coming of age story centered around some high school teen birders taking off on an adventure to look for an extinct duck. The main character is David whose mother passed away about a year ago. Now his father is getting remarried to the nurse who had been taking care of his dying mother. This independent film wasn't promoted the way the star-filled movie "The Big Year" was. The only actor in the movie I recognized was Ben Kingsley. It was a simple but touching story with a bit of humor and birding mixed in. I enjoyed the movie  but only wished that it was longer than 88 minutes. It would be great if they could turn this into a tv series but that's just wishful thinking on my part. You can learn more about the movie on one of my favorite websites- IMDB

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Jen Sanford said...

Oh I didn't know you could rent it through iTunes! I've been wanting to check it out, glad to hear you enjoyed it.