Saturday, March 22, 2014

Red-necked Grebes Visit Portland Connecticut

I was doing a quick check of my local patch this morning when a diving bird in the Connecticut River caught my eye. I didn't have binoculars with me but did have my camera. I thought it was a Red-necked Grebe but  wanted to capture a photo. It was cloudy and the bird kept diving before I could focus on it and eventually disappeared from sight. I traveled further down the river to the local fireman's grounds where I spotted it again, only this time there were 2 grebes! I managed to get a usable picture of one of them. The other bird had less reddish color on the neck. It was only the second time I've seen a Red-necked Grebe and to see 2 of them right in town made it that much more exciting!


Kathie Brown said...

Wow! That is quite a find, Larry! Congrats! I would have been excited as well! I'm glad you had your camera!

Michelle said...

Lucky you! Quite a capture!