Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stranded 20 Miles Deep In The Woods- Post # 2

Post # 2-
 I first found out about them 30 years ago when we on a fishing trip. We heard the locals talking about these "woods people".  Apparently, they broke off from the community almost 200 years ago and chose to live in complete isolation. The only time anyone has seen them was on rare occasions when one of the men would wander into town dressed like Daniel Boone looking for supplies. They spoke some sort of hybrid language that was thought to be a mixture of old English, Penobscot, and French. They still rely on the method of trade and leave immediately after making a purchase not to be seen again for months.

It took us  2 full days to hike out here so I'm guessing we are about 20 miles deep in the woods. We had to blaze our own trails marked them on the way in. We brought compasses but I hope my cousin finds his way out okay. He said he had to return to his job in Quebec but maybe he was just afraid to continue any further. I was unable to follow him because my ankle is going to require a couple of days rest before I can make the long trek out of here.

It was a little unnerving hearing them in the woods at night and not being able to see them. It's not the stories about their Pagan traditions that worries me. Just because their beliefs are different doesn't mean they are bad or violent. It's just unnerving to know you're being watched by someone you can't see. In the morning when the sun comes a foggy steam rises from the damp forest floor making it hard to see anything. It's hard to tell if you're hearing an animal moving through the woods or if it might be them. The rumors about hikers in that area woods disappearing is disturbing but not surprising. There are thousands of acres of wilderness and anyone could get lost or hurt here. The nearest town is 50 miles away and the territory I'm in is marked only by signs with map coordinates. 

 What brought me out here was curiosity about the animals they are rumored to breed. I asked my biologist friend if he thought it possible to hybridize 2 animals that seem so different. He told me that it was possible but he questioned whether or not they would be able to reproduce on their own. I really want to get a look at one. They must be bizarre looking creatures and have to weigh at least 150 pounds. I'm hoping they'll allow me to visit their settlement. I've heard they are adept at taming  wild birds as well. 

I don't know when you will be able to view these posts. My cousin took a couple of photos using a cheap disposable camera he got from a cereal box. I gave my him written instructions on how to post on my blog. I'm hoping that he'll at least be able to post part 1 and 2 to give you the background information on this project. Judging by the smoke I see coming from their settlement I would say that I'm within a mile from where they live now. I should be there withing the next hour or two. I'm guessing if they meant me any harm then I probably would have known it by now. Wish me luck-I may need it. Further posts we'll follow when I return (hopefully).

Please Note: The limited information we could find about the people of this area before the start of our trip can be accessed  by clicking on this link. (Update: This was an April Fool's Joke!)


troutbirder said...

YUP ya got me again....:}

Cathy said...

I was just about to click on Post One . .. pretty intriguing . . and then . . . I'm thinking . .. . AHA!
April 1 !!!!

Now I will click on post one and see what you're up to. Pretty clever Larry :)

Unknown said...

Ha, ha..April Fools! Is that why Bob is overseeing your blog :D?

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments-I'm sure Larry will appreciate them when he returns-Bob.

warriormom said...

I'm a little late here but still too funny. I should know better after last year!

Kathie Brown said...'ve been at it again! what I want to know is...when are you going to write a novel? with these kinds of posts, you could give Stephen King a run for his money! I'm glad to know you are okay and thanks for sending your cousin to comment on my blog! ;-)

Larry said...

Thanks for the comments everyone.I'm glad you enjoyed my April Fool's post.
Just a couple of notes:-The photo is from the Berkshires

-When I wrote this I was thinking about my fishing trips to remote areas in Northern Maine where there are large regions of land that are marked as territories
with no real towns. I've met a lot of nice French people as well as a few Penobscot who live in these areas.

I've also enjoyed hearing plenty of local legends and stories during my visits there so it wasn't hard for me to imagine what I wrote.