Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do Birds Sing Jazz?

When I checked my e-mail Tuesday I saw one that was titled: Jazz Aviary- Jazz Music for Bird Lovers. That was enough to make me curious, so I opened it. It was from a woman named Christina Duren who had come across my "Dirty Birds" post when doing a google search. She explained that she is doing online promotion for a jazz artist named Susan krebs.

Here is a portion of the e-mail I received: "Hey Larry, I came across your blog while searching for birding sites and bird related blogs and found yours! Love your "Dirty Birds" will be keeping a closer look at the ground now. I actually handle online outreach for a wonderful collection of songs about birds that I think your readers may enjoy. It’s called Jazz Aviary and it’s a celebration of birds and of the universal music that we share by L.A. based jazz artist Susan Krebs. "

I thought that this approach to jazz music was an interesting and unique idea. Here is a link to the website if you would like to learn more about it: Susan Krebs-Jazz Aviary (click enter then Jazz Aviary to get to music samples).

Birding Magazines that I read-I've had a subscription to
Birdwatcher's Digest and Wildbird
for the last year or so. I enjoy reading both magazines. The letters from readers our always of interest to me. Their is usually one or two articles in each of the magazine's issues that captures my attention. The most recent issue of Wildbird has an excellent article written by Kevin T. Karlson which is titled: A different set of Eyes-Enjoy Backyard birding with new observation tips. In the article he writes about concentrating on shapes, behavior, and movements of birds in order to absorb three-dimensional impressions of birds instead of the two-dimensional impressions we get from a field guide. This topic is not something totally new to me, but I like the way he presents the concept in his article.

Do you have any other birding magazines that you would like to recommend?


Patrick B. said...

Birder's World is also excellent.

Veery said...

Birder's World is my favorite! I love receiving the AUK journals (by joining the American Ornithologists' Union) but they are so technical!

I love jazz and am going to check out Jazz Aviary, thanks!

Good birding to you!

Anonymous said...

I don't currently subscribe to any print magazines. In the past I have subscribed to a few. The only thing I subscribe to now is Birds of North American Online which really isn't a magazine but a mega bird guide, put out by Cornell. I do most of my reading about birds online and books.

Mary said...

A very good friend of mine gifted me with a subscription to "Birds & Blooms - Beauty in Your Own Backyard". I love it. It's informative, yet lighthearted.

I should be ashamed of myself for not subscribing to the Birdwatcher's Digest since I have other books by Bill Thompson III. It's on my list...

Mary C said...

Hey Larry - it looks like Patrick and Mary suggested the other two I was going to suggest. I think what I enjoy most is the newsletter put out by Birdwatcher's Digest called The Backyard Bird.

J. Karl Clampit said...

I agree on Birds & Blooms. They also have another subscription called Birds & Blooms Extra. They are both produced every other month so with both subscription, you won't miss a month!

Larry said...

Patrick-That's the one I was trying to think of. I'll give it a try.

Pa Birder-I think that I had free access to that after a purchase of something.It seemed to be pretty good.

Mary-I've read Birds and Bloom at a Doctor's office. They have good letters from the readers.

Mary C.-Yes -I almost forgot about that but some times that's the best one of all. I guess each one can have something worthwhile.

Veery-Two votes for birder's World and I've never read it.I hope I can find a trial copy.

j Karl-Now two votes for Birds and Bloom.-Thanks for the suggestion.

steadyjohn said...

Thanks Larry for the link to Susan Krebs. I like her music and presentation and plan to buy the "Jazz Aviary" album.....John