Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Would It Be Like Birding With These Celebrities & Fictional Characters?

Here's a silly post that I just couldn't get out of my head. Did you ever hear a song that kept on playing over and over in your mind? It doesn't necessarily have to be a good song either. It could even be a jingle from some commercial. That is what happened in this case. I need to post this just so I can get it out of my mind once and for all. Yes Daffy-I know-It's despicable but here it goes:

Here are some thoughts on what it might be like to go birding with the following people/characters:

1) Birding With The Brady Bunch:

(Jan) "Hey Greg-I just saw A House Sparrow!"

(Greg) "Hold On Jan, Marsha's yelling something-what Marsha? You're kidding! Marsha's just found a California Condor! Groovy!"

(Jan) "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha - Why does it always have to be Marsha?!"

2) Birding With Oprah Winfrey:
I think it would be interesting if Oprah did a special on the phenomena of birding. I could visualize her setting up a giant bird blind for her entire audience in a prime birding area. At the end of the show she would give everyone Swarovski Binoculars and a free guided trip to Costa Rica!

3) What would it be like to go birding with famous tap dancers like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly?:
I was thinking that it might be a good idea to bring these guys out to an area with a hard surface so as to make best use of their tap dancing ability. All the jumping and flailing would probably spook most birds away but perhaps the incessant tapping of their feet might attract a nice variety of woodpeckers!

4) Birding With Dustin Hoffman's Character Ray From The Rain Man:
Imagine if Ray took an interest in birding. I would love to have him on my team during a Christmas Count:

(Larry) "Ray, how many Red-winged blackbirds do you think were in that flock?"

(Ray) "Four hundred and twenty-seven Red-winged Blackbirds."

(Larry) "Are you sure there's that many? I was thinking more like 300."

(Ray) "Definitely 427 Red-winged Blackbirds."

5) Birding With Al Pacino:
"Hooah! I do believe that's one more lifer to add to my list!"

6) I wonder if Linda Blair would have a fixation with owls because of their ability to turn their heads 270 degrees?

7) What if Steve Austin and Jamie Sommers (aka bionic man and bionic woman) entered into The World Series Of Birding? Their ability to leap over bushes and run 70 miles wouldn't hurt. Their real advantage would be Steve's telescopic eye and Jamie's super sensitive ear. Imagine the list they could produce!

8) Imagine if the host of The Weakest Link, Anne Robinson, was a field trip leader.

(Innocent Birder) "Anne isn't that a Red-headed Woodpecker?

(Anne)-The correct answer is Red-bellied Woodpecker. I'm sorry but you are the weakest link.-Goodbye!

Do you have any celebrities or characters you'd like to add?


Anonymous said...

Showing my age and going back a bit but Birding with Maxwell Smart (at a Hawk Watch)... Max, "Would you believe that any second now 100Godlen Eagles will come screaming over that ridge? Response, "I don't believe you" Max, Would you believe 10 Bald Eagles lazily circling?" Response, "No." Max, "How about 2 Eagle Scouts coming down the trail?" 99, "Oh Max!"

Jayne said...

Larry, you are a HOOT! I am still giggling!!

Larry said...

Pa-birder-lol! Don't feel bad I've watched that show plenty of times-good one!

Jayne-Hmm-I notice you used the word hoot.-Thanks-glad you got a chuckle out of it.

dguzman said...

Awesome! These are great!

steadyjohn said...

Send John Cleese on a quest for a livelier parrot!

Unknown said...

These are comical, Larry, although the comment about John Cleese and a livelier parrot about did me in...had to dash off to Youtube and watch it. Remarkable bird, the Norwegian blue...beautiful plumage, innit?

What I wanted to tell you is that Shirl, a Scottish Blogger, has posted an open invite for people to echo the hourlong count that British birders are doing on the weekend--just birds in your back garden. You can see links to the post at my most recent entry. I'm going to try it, though I WILL be out with the Eaglewatch celebrations too.

Lana Gramlich said...

Thanks for the chuckle...I needed that!

Kathie Brown said...

Love this post! I like the idea of Fred and Gene dancing it up. I could imagine some cranes doing their courtship dance in the background but I like the idea of the woodpeckers. Do you think they could coax a Lewis's woodpecker out for me?

Larry said...

dzugman-Thanks-glad you liked it.

steadyjohn-I haven't seen that bit in years-A real classic!-thanks.

jodi-I will read about it -thanks.-I do have my hands full of birding this weekend already though.-The Monty Python stuff is great-

lana-Glad you got a chuckle out of it.

kathiebirds-The cranes angle would have worked well too.-I wouldn't mind seeing a Lewis's Woodpecker myself.-I'd have to travel for that though.

Mary said...

Larry, this was a real treat! I can't stop laughing - especially liked the Larry and Ray dialogue, definitely like it. Definitely.

You ARE a hoot!

Unknown said...

Here are a few celebrities I would NOT want to bird with:

Angela Lansbury (she would find a body), Britney Spears (WAY too many paparazzi), Angelina Jolie (too distracting) and Jim Carrey (too funny).

Great post as always!

Unknown said...
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Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I'm a little late to drop by (better late than never!). I'm loving this clever post! Thanks for the chuckles.

What about taking Jesus along looking for the Holy Grail bird- the Ivory-billed Woodpecker?

Beth said...

These are feally funny, I keep coming back and looking at them. I like them all but the Oprah one seems fairly likely!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Seems like someone should be able to do an Abbott and Costello, "Who's on First" rewrite of birding.
No matter how often I hear it, it is hysterical.

steadyjohn said...

Let's not forget those crazy magpies, Heckle and Jeckle! or The Roadrunner

Anonymous said...

I was thinking Coyote, with Acme binoculars.


Kathie Brown said...

Larry, I tried to track down yet another Lewis' woodpecker this weekend to no avail. If I capture one (on film or on my list)I'll let you know!

RuthieJ said...

I'm way behind, Larry, but I loved this post! You have a very clever mind! I sure needed a chuckle this morning too.

Larry said...

Mary-I liked that movie but tom Cruise got on my nerves.

birdfreak-Clever additions-You're right on track with the post.

lynne-Jesus would probably be too good at it although he might have some terrific parables during the walk.

beth-I'm thinking the Oprah one is a possibility!

nina-I could definitely see that working!

Steadyjohn-meep meep!

wren-those acme binoculars would probably blow up-I could see an epeisode with the roadrunner.

kathiebirds-I'll be doing that post tonight.

ruthiej-No problem-glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post!