Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's This Stuff?

Thanks to all of you who participated in previous "What's This Stuff?" posts. I've learned about some plants, butterflies,fungus, and insects from the answers in the comments section.

Here are 8 photos I've saved from some of my walks over the past couple of months.
Can you identify what's in the photos?


LauraHinNJ said...

2. Maybe a common ringlet (that's a wild guess!)
3. Turtlehead
4. Rugosa Rose
5. Some sort of Wintergreen?

Ruth said...

Other than the bald-faced hornets in #7, I would have to hit the guide books. Nice pictures.

dguzman said...

I knew Laura would nail most of these! I knew none of them! I thought the first one might be pokeweed, but those look like some kind of grapes. Muscat? (I don't know!)

Larry said...

Laura-good to see that you were finally the first one in for a quiz that had plants!

Ruth-those are some mean looking hornests for sure!

dzugman-Neither do i, that's why I'm posting the quiz.

Patrick B. said...

1. Any other pictures of the leaves? Shrub or vine?
2. Probably an Appalachian Brown, although Eyed Brown is very similar
5. Agree on Wintergreen
6. Maybe a female/immature Common Whitetail