Monday, April 9, 2007

Four Score And Three Years Ago

I had an extra day off from work to make for a longer Easter Weekend. I decided to visit Hammonasset State Park. This park is known for being one of the best birding spots in Connecticut. Even on a slow day, there are birds to see here. Due to very windy conditions, it was a somewhat slow day for birding.

I was just getting ready to enter the Willard Island Nature Trail, when I ran in to an older gentleman named John who is also a birder. We ended up spending a few hours birding together. When I asked John how old he was this was his response: "Four Score and three years"- (83 years old). John is a determined birder. He doesn't mind talking, but not at the expense of missing birds-perfect-just the way I like it. He moved along at a great pace -barging through wooded trails and knocking away along the way. He was able to show me new trails that I didn't know about. He walked way out to the furthest reaches of the park-jumping over puddles and climbing hills along the way. All I could do was admire this gentleman, and hope that I'm able to enjoy life the way he does if I make it to 83.

A few of the standout birds for me included: SNOWY EGRET, GREAT EGRET, DUNLIN, AMERICAN OYSTERCATCHER , and a male AMERICAN KESTREL. I didn't take many pictures because my batteries ran out.-note to me-must get back-up batteries.


Cathy said...

Larry - I've meant some of the nicest people while birding. And yes, it's so nice to bird with someone who can achieve that nice balance between being social and getting that bird.

LauraHinNJ said...

Yes, DO get new batteries!

I've missed these new birds, but haven't been out to the beach this weekend.

Ruth said...

I was excited to find an American Kestrel that must be nesting near our home. I have found him three times this week. Beautiful birds! I hope I am still walking trails at 4 score and 10!

Anonymous said...

Back up Battery is a must! Love those two pictures and the list of birds you couldn't photograph! Sounds like a wonderful day after easter!

Larry said...

Cathy-It's tough to find a compatible birding partner.
Laura-The beach is waiting for you.
Ruth-Sorry Ruth about misreading your post-hope you are birding at 90 too.
Monarch-Thanks monarch.