Friday, April 13, 2007

Today's Birding.

I visited Machimoudus Park today. I had the whole park to myself. Birds were singing away as I sauntered down trails like the one in the above picture.

Machimoudus is a reliable place to find American Kestrel. It was very overcast today, and I was unable to get a good picture of this Kestrel. Interestingly, it would fly off when I tried to take its picture, but seemed to follow me after I left an area.

This is an interesting looking abandoned building on the grounds next to the park.

I saw this Turkey Vulture perched in the tree on my way out.

To sum up what I saw at the Park -( besides the Kestrel and Vulture).

  • A lot of noisy Brown-headed Cowbirds. -(they could have driven a plumber crazy with all that dripping noise).
  • Several noisy Eastern Phoebes (Feee-beee Feee-beee).
  • A handful of Eastern Bluebirds and Tree Swallows
  • Male Northern Cardinals chasing each other and facing off to see who wins the real estate battle.(they seem to be fairly polite about it).
  • A Pileated Woodpecker which was more heard than seen.
  • Red-winged Blackbirds and American Robins in big numbers.-(both of which sing better than Sanjaya from American Idol).
  • Chipping Sparrows.
  • I was hoping to find a Pine Warbler but did not. (strangely absent-just like Don Imus).

I also saw a bunch of other stuff, but that should be enough detail.-Did you see any interesting birds today?


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

LOL- that turkey vulture can sing better than Sanjaya!!

Fox sparrows have been in my yard for the last few days and today I heard (but didn't see) a very wimpy sounding white-throated sparrow singing "Oh sweet Canada Canada". First of the spring!

Ruth said...

No new birds this week:-( I wouldn't fly here either right now!

Cathy said...

You and Lynne have some nice birds. I'm afraid Ruth and I are in the same dull boat, except that I did see a pair of harriers doing an aerial mating display at Irwin Prairie close to Toledo. Very nice.

Larry said...

Lynne-Fox Sparrows are one of my favorites.-Love to watch them do the jump back scratch on the ground.
Ruth-Don't worry-they'll be coming any time now.
Cathy-Northern Harriers are great birds to watch-they can hover just above a field.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful list of birds you saw and looks like you had a wonderful day! Love your kestrel photo!

LauraHinNJ said...

Most interesting thing today was a pair of chickadees checking out one of the nestboxes here.

Larry said...

Laura-It would be nice to have nesting Chickadees!