Monday, May 7, 2007

Part One-Sunday Morning At Machimoudus

I started my Sunday by doing a little early morning birding at Machimoudus Park . It was cloudy, 50 degrees, and very windy. I was only able to spend an hour there, but still enjoyed the birds I was able to see. Tree Swallows were the dominant species this morning. It was quite a thrill to enter the park with a hundred swallows flying in every direction above my head.

When they weren't putting on an air show, they would rest in trees, like the one above .

Some of them didn't want to be bothered with a crowd, so they reserved a private table.

I had a chance to get a decent picture of this Black and White Warbler, but came up short.
In all, I saw eight species of Warbler: Blue-Winged, Black and White , Yellow Warbler, Prairie Warbler, Worm-eating Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler,
Northern Parula-(eye level view-very nice!), and Ovenbird.

Then it happened, I saw my first Scarlet Tanager of the year. The brilliant color of the breeding male Tanager seemed to momentarily make the clouds disappear. There was a time, when I thought that I would never get to see a Tanager. I was always looking up in the trees hoping to see one. Now that I know their song, they are much easier to find but no less striking.

I also caught a glimpse of some Common Ravens which were making some of their trademark Raven sounds. I saw lots of other species of birds but I prefer to just mention the highlights.

On the way out, I was hearing a bird song that sounded very familiar to me. I knew it wasn't a warbler but what was it? Just before exiting the park, my question was answered. It was the rather dull looking Warbling Vireo. The song was very familiar, but I hadn't heard it since last year. -That concludes the morning session-stay tuned for part two (The afternoon session)-on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

A lot of good birds in part one alone. I've been working hard for warblers though I did manange my first Magnolia on Sunday and a female Black-throated Blue. Have not have a Scarlet Tanager nor a Northern Parula either. Look forward to part 2.

Mary said...

Great post, Larry. I saw my first tree swallow over the weekend. You have wonderful photos and I wish I could have 1/2 of them you spottd on that tree!

Ruth said...

That tree shot is great! I have seen two new birds this week...tree swallows anda spotted sandpiper. Not as exciting as your warblers and tanager. Please send a few north!

Larry said...

Vern-part 2 is below-maybe you can confirm the i.d. for me.

Mary-You can have half of them but its a long drive to Connecticut.

Ruth-You Warbler package will be arriving north via ups in 7-10 days.

Larry said...

On second thought I'll post part 2 Tuesday.

Ruth said...

Thanks Larry! I will mark my calendar and see how accurate you are. :-)

MojoMan said...

Not a bad day, even if the weather was less than ideal. Great photos! I saw my first scarlet tanager of the year on Saturday and it's hard to imagine a more exotic-looking bird in the oak forests of eastern Massachusetts.

Jayne said...

WOW! Warbler heaven! What I wouldn't give to see a Tanager. Great day of birding!

Anonymous said...

O my goodness, just look at all those swallows in that tree! Wonderful shot and great birding day!

Cathy said...

The Tree Swallow tree and table are so neat. What great birds.

You got a Prairie Warbler!? Lucky!

Larry said...

-I have very good luck with Prairie Warblers at power lines-Maybe I'll be lucky enough to capture a photo.