Wednesday, May 2, 2007


It's hard to believe that a beautiful bird like the American Robin would wage war on every car at our workplace. Over the last 2 weeks,our cars have been systematically assaulted by an American Robin that doesn't seem to want our cars around. It started with the bird flying towards it's reflection in car mirrors and windshields. When that didn't work, the robin decided to drop heavy artillery on every vehicle at the workplace. I nicknamed him Jackson Pollock.

When the employees see the robin do its little flight dance on their car, they go running out to try to minimize the damage. I'm actually just laughing to myself. I have a small pick-up truck that I bought at an auction. -So no big deal to me. A lot of people own shiny new SUV's, so they aren't too happy about this situation. The robin won't relent if you move your car. It follows it to the next parking place. This bird must be eating good. I must admit, I have to admire the tenacity of this robin. Too bad it has to waste all its energy on a useless cause.

Have you ever run in to a situation like this ? What did you do about it? I've heard of birds responding to their reflections as if it was a competitor but this robin is getting a little carried away.


Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I've only heard of the reflection attacks. Your work situation is hysterical!!

Cathy said...

'heavy artillary':0) You're a hoot.
I guess my windows aren't clean enough to inspire assaults like this.

Larry said...

If you feel left out just drive over to our parking lot here in CT.

MojoMan said...

It's interesting to think that birds are individuals and can exhibit unique behavior. Maybe this variation is what allows behavior to evolve.

Mary said...

I'm sorry to laugh about this :o)

I know that birds will compete with their reflection in windows and mirrors but I didn't realize they would plaster of paris cars!

I wish I had a suggestion for you, Larry.

Larry said...

This is the first day in two weeks the Robin seems to have stopped-maybe his aerial assault is over.