Thursday, June 7, 2007

Songbird Lyrics Game

  • Name the song that the lyrics belong to and/or someone who performed that song.
  • I will turn the lyrics to black as I notice that they have been answered correctly.
  • Feel free to mention the ones that you knew but didn't get a chance to answer.

1)Born in the heat of the desert- My mother died giving me life- Despised and disliked by my father -Blamed for the loss of his wife -(performed live by a man they nicknamed "The King.")

2) When I was young-I never needed anyone

3) You are the one -who can make us all laugh-But doing that -you break out in tears.(Lead singer of the group that performed this song was Steve Winwood).

4) Mm-mm, you can almost taste the hot dogs and French fries they sell.

5) The canvas can do miracles-Just you wait and see.

6) My old man worked 20 years on the line and they let him go.-Now everywhere he goes out looking for work they just tell him that he's too old.

7)There's a tugboat, huh, huh, down by the river dontcha know.

8) When it all was over-We had to find another place-But Swiss time was running out-It seemed that we would lose the race.

9) Well, I’ve got to run to keep from hiding-And I'm bound to keep on riding.

10) People say I'm the life of the party-Cause I tell a joke or two

11) I was caught- In the middle of a railroad track -I looked round-And I knew there was no turning back -------

12)But your thoughts will soon be wandering -the way they always do- When you're ridin' sixteen hours and there's nothin' much to do.


RuthieJ said...

Ooooh, I'm the first one here and I'm going to get some right away!

2) All by Myself - Eric Carmen

4) Under the Boardwalk - The Drifters

5) Sailing - Christopher Cross

10) The Tracks of My Tears - Linda Ronstadt

Anonymous said...

I actually knew one for a change, #10 which ruthie j already sung, but it was done before Linda R. by Smokie Robinson I think?

Mary C said...

OK - I think number 1 was performed by Marty Robbins, and it would be My Woman My Woman My Wife. Right?

Larry said...

RuthieJ-You hit some good ones.
Vern-That's the version I was thinking of too.
Mary Carlson-Could be some of the same Lyrics-I was thinking of a song done by an icon singer in concert.-maybe more than one title-I'll check it out.

Larry said...

No Mary C. that's not it-I looked at the lyrics and it is a nice song though.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

7. Mack the knife made popular by Bobby Darrin but I like the earlier version by Louis Armstrong

10. I only know the Smokey Robbinson too.

Jayne said...

6. Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen

Jayne said...

Oh, oh, oh...

12. Bob Seger's Turn the Page!!

Mary said...

I only knew #2 and #10. I'm terrible at this game. Maybe I should turn off the TV and radio when I play ...

Deb said...

9- Midnight Rider, The Allman Brothers

Jochen said...

Wooah, no one has identified No's 8 and 11 yet??

I sang this one while I was in a band during my high school times:
Smoke on the Water - and fire in the sky

And gosh, have I been ... Warbler ... errr ... Thunderstruck!

Jochen said...

And isn't No 12 the one where he sings "Here I go, on the road again, here I go, turn the page"? Don't know the name though but am pretty sure, the classic song for long night drives alone ...

Larry said...

Jayne-very good!Glad to have your participation.
Mary-that's o.k.-there's room for spectators too!
Deb-you've got it!
Jochen-Got em both!