Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stick Heron, Wood Ducks, and yellow-rumps

I visited a very peaceful Highland Pond Preserve this morning. I am thankful for the little places around Connecticut that are set aside for preservation that provide a respite from today's world. It's a perfect place for quiet contemplation.
My first bird turned out to be nothing more than a stick heron that looked like it was designed by the professor from Gilligan's Island.
A pair of Wood Ducks provide natural jewelry to decorate the pond.The trees have been dripping with Yellow-rumped Warblers this week.

They seem to be filling up on fruit and berries. In this case I only saw the splash of yellow on its side.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Any Bird Anywhere Is Just Fine In The Fall

Rather than focusing on one particular birding spot, I've just been wandering from place to place enjoying the start of fall foliage. I'm not concerned about what birds I see or where I find them.
Seeing a flicker on top of a big rock is just fine with me.
A killdeer in the parking lot is better yet!
Even a starling on the guardrail is okay in my book! (Although I must admit I thought I had a less common grassland bird at first glance). 

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Sparrows First Then The Foliage

I can sense the changes coming. The fields are just starting to get a tinge of color change.
I've always felt that this time of year has a mystical feel to it.
I always see these spider webs but rarely see a spider in them. They may be lurking in the tall grass safely tucked away.
Sparrows are already starting to arrive. They are one of the prime attractions for fall birders. Hopefully, the colorful foliage is not far behind!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Looking For Hawks From The Hilltops

There's a two week period every September when hawk migration is at it's peak. I could do things the right way and go to an established hawk watch site an hour away but I hold out hope that I'll be able to find a kettle of Broad-winged Hawks from out local hilltops. I went to the nearby town of Middlefield for my search.
It's amazing how the scenery can change so much just by driving 10 minutes into another town. I parked above Lyman's Orchards and set up a chair. There were some migrating warblers and sparrows traveling from tree to tree. The wind was from the north and a few clouds in the sky which makes for perfect hawk-watching conditions.
Well after 3 hours I counted  up a total of about 20 birds of prey including 10 Broad-wings, not what I hoped for. I found myself looking at kites and picking pears from the orchard. Hawk-watches are like meteor showers. Unless everything is just right-time, conditions, locations etc. then you might be disappointed. I'll just have to borrow one of my photos from an old hawk-watch. this is the type of scene I hope to see.

 I wasn't disappointed though because it was such a beautiful morning with temperatures in the low 70's, a light breeze and low humidity. I'll continue to watch the skies because you never know when they'll be passing overhead.