Sunday, September 29, 2019

Just Stop Where You See Birds

 I had a couple of hours of free time to go birding this morning but could not decide where to go. Should I go to the shore? -not enough time. In the fields?-Mosquito triple e report. As I was trying to decide I just stopped at some power line cuts after seeing several birds crossing back and forth across the street.
 There are still some Monarchs migrating which was nice to see.
The birds I was seeing were mostly sparrows, finches and bluebirds. I didn't catch many with the camera. A fuzzy Field Sparrow was all I could manage but at least I can make out the eye ring.

Sometimes I have my best luck when I just pick the first place I see birds and just go with it.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Taking Inventory On The New-Yard Birds

 As of this year I am watching birds from a new backyard. Of course I am curious as to what types of bird species are in my new neighborhood. So far my most vocal neighbors are a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks which make their presence known with their loud keyeeer keyeeer calls. No need for an alarm clock in the morning because they are up before dawn.
Also, I must remember to hydrate when I'm cutting the grass or the local Black Vultures might come to investigate if I were to pass out.

There are lots of mature trees in the yard so hopefully it will be nice foliage when the time comes. I also noticed some Pileated Woodpeckers in the neighborhood so hopefully they will visit the suet feeder.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Don't Underestimate The Wise Old Owl

I recently bought a new laptop at a chain store. They wanted me to pay for all sorts of programs and services that would have doubled the price of the laptop. I did not want to give the satisfaction of soaking me for the extra money but was disappointed at how slowly it ran when I got home.

I like to have breakfast at the local diner at 6am on weekends and chat with the old timers who always show up as the restaurant opens. One guy gave me a tip about a computer repair guy that he said was very reasonable. It was in a sketchy part of town and the computer repair guy was about 80 years old. I decided to give it a shot despite my skepticism. It turned out to be a great move as he got my computer running great for 30 bucks along with instructions on how to keep it running fast.

 I always thought of the younger generation as being the computer experts but on the other hand I have more trust in the older generation. It made me think about how we tend to prejudge situations whether we realize it or not.