Sunday, July 22, 2012

1 Cup Excuse + 1 cup Humidity = Blogger Break

   For me, the easiest part of blogging is coming up with ideas for a post. The problem is that many of these ideas fizzle out and never become a post. The problems usually come down to a lack of photo or substance to support an idea but here are a few examples:
  Oddly named streets like this one catch my attention. I wonder if  there is a story behind the street's name. I found the information in "Ask The Courant". There wasn't much of a story and I didn't get any bird photos on this street so I just let this idea go.
There is a tiny nature preserve in East Haddam located near an old mill site along Pine Brook. The steep banks and moss-covered rocks seem to dampen the noise from the surrounding areas. There is a mix of tall pines and deciduous trees that lead to a fortress of mountain laurel. There there are gaps in the foliage that allow sunlight to filter through that cast dramatic highlights over the moss, water, and rocks. The stream has deep pockets which gives the water flowing over the rocks a rich, echoing sound quality.

 I never finished this post. The photos of the nature scenery that I uploaded onto the computer just wasn't the same as being there so  I never finished the post.
Then here are the random bird photos I end up with that don't fit into anything I'm doing. 

I saw this turkey all by herself while another 2o turkeys were at the other end of the field and wonered why? Did she break a social code among turkeys that made her an outcast?
  I saw this Willet in Guilford. I wanted to do a post about birds I saw along shoreline areas that had no summer entrance fee. It turned out to be crowded, hot and humid. It stayed hot and humid for quite some time. The next thing you know, a month passed by. That is how I ended up taking a month long blogger break.