Sunday, January 23, 2022

Winter Ducks Down By The Shoreline


There are plenty of birds to see in the winter, especially down at the shoreline.
I like to see some of the winter diving ducks. It was nice to see this male and female Bufflehead paired up.

Another common site sight this time of the year are the mergansers like this Hooded and also Red-breasted, and Common Mergansers. There's been some years when I've been able to see 100 species in Connecticut just in the month of January.

Unfortunately, I don't have the kind of time this year to see so may but I would be happy if we could just start seeing temperatures in the double digits so we could enjoy the ones I do see in a little more comfort!

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Is Seeing Robins A Sign Of Spring?

I see American Robins all winter so I would not say seeing one is a sign of spring. I see them eating things like crabapples an berries during the winter. When the ground warms up  I see robins on the ground eating earthworms so I would say that is a sign of spring.
Red-tailed Hawks are seen all throughout the winter in Connecticut.
The Red-tailed Hawk's smaller, noisier cousin, the Red-shouldered Hawk, is also seen in Connecticut throughout the winter. That seems to be a changing trend as I remember they used to e a rare find during the Christmas counts.

Monday, January 3, 2022

January Bird Search Is Like A Word Search

It was nothing but grey, drizzly weather this weekend. Generally I prefer a little sunshine for better viewing and photo conditions but this weekend was different because it was the start of a new year. For many birders this means the start of a brand new list of bird species. I was excited to see a flock of blackbirds in the yard.
There was over 100 in total. I all I really needed was one. Number 16 on the species list for January 2022 is the Common Grackle.
Later in the morning I scanned across a rainy pond and found Northern Pintails. They are a little more challenging to find. It was number 19 on my list.

You don't need to make lists of bird species to enjoy birdwatching. it is just another form of entertainment. It is sort of like doing a word search because you feel compelled to find the next word in the puzzle just as you feel compelled to find the next bird species. It's just another form of entertainment but I like it better because it gets you outdoors to enjoy nature. 

 One good way to start is to just make a list of bird species that you see in the month of January. I've seen as many as 100 different species in Connecticut in January but it doesn't really matter. It's just something to do that makes the long winter months pass by a little more quickly. You can also keep a list of birds seen during the whole year but that takes a little more commitment. If you've never done it then give it a try!