Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gotcha! White-Faced Ibis

I and a self-confessed slacker-birder at times and I know this has led to me overlooking some rare birds. I almost drove past a White-faced Ibis this weekend. I saw a couple of Ibis on the edge of a pond in Old Saybrook on Sunday. I've already seen Glossy ibis by the dozen this year so when I saw these 2 birds I figured they're probably just more of the same. 
Then a voice in my head told me "Don't be a slacker Larry. It will only take a minute to stop and check them out."  I'm glad I did because one of them turned out to be a White-faced Ibis. The photos are of poor quality but came in handy for verification purposes on eBird. You can see the white face and reddish legs of the left bird in photo 1 and the reddish eye in photo 2. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Life Happens And Life Goes On

 We all get hit with an unexpected dose of life happens at one time or another. Expensive things may break and we may lose friends or family but that's life. I've had my own run of that recently, putting a hold on my usual birding routine.

I was able to get out for a quick bit of birding and was able to find my first Middlesex Saltmarsh Sparrows of the year thanks to those who contribute their findings on eBird.
Watching a baby Osprey getting its morning feeding was a pleasant reminder that life does go on.

Friday, June 10, 2016

From Baby Beggar To Brash Adult Mockingbird

A couple of weeks go I was rushing from place to place on a frantic search for warblers. Now the peak of spring migration has passed and we are entering the nesting season. This past Saturday I was down at the shore intending to look for shorebirds. Instead, I found myself sitting on a tree stump watching fledgling mockingbirds trying to get their sea legs (or bird legs) under them. I think Summer birding calls for a slower pace and watching young mockingbirds in training was a perfect way to slow things down.
It was a treat to see these innocent young mockingbirds humbly begging for food knowing they will soon become bold, brash adults belting out songs from their mockingbird jukebox selection of tunes.
                                                                click to play

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Birding Took A Back Seat To Yardwork

 Reluctantly, birding had to take a back seat to yardwork and other responsibilities. Yes, even birders sometimes have to trim hedges,weed gardens, have the car serviced etc..
Of course, I had every intention to sneak a little birding in after I was done but quickly realized it was time to shut the birding down and get the work done. That way I could get back on the birding trail next weekend with a clear conscience.
When the work was done and the sun was sinking low a redstart was perched quietly in a tree. I guess a birder never really stops birding completely.