Sunday, August 29, 2021

Summer, My 4th Favorite Season

(Prairie Warbler)
It's hard for me to believe that summer is almost over. I won't miss it much. I prefer the cool spring weather when the leaves are few and the migrants are many. Spring might be my favorite season but I would give a slight edge to fall.I like those clear sunny days of winter where eagles dare to perch where the branches are bare. Winter would be my 3rd favorite season unless you ask me after a week of subzero weather and snowstorms. For a brief time, summer may seem to be a better option.As the summer arrives the leaves start to get in the way along with the humidity and mosquitoes. There are still plenty of cool birds to see, just under less pleasant conditions.Great-crested Flycatcher

All seasons are worth celebrating but I'll soon be leaving my least favorite season and entering my favorite one!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Box Of Chocolates Birding

July and August has been a partial break from birding for me. I've approached birding this time in the same way some people approach a box of mixed chocolates (not me). I check out a spot, take a bite and then move on to another spot if it doesn't immediately appeal to me. The top picture was at the power lines.
It was awfully quiet there but I took a moment to appreciate a bird that I admittedly overlook when there are other birds around to see. This Mourning Dove was didn't fly off in a noisy panic as they often do. It seemed the epitome of Peace.
It was the horses the healthy looking horses that first caught my attention but if you look towards the left edge of the pond you might see something perched along the shoreline.
A Great Blue Heron silently keeps guard and looks for opportunities.

My birding has been few a far between these days. Once the air cools down, the foliage starts to turn, and fall migration picks up I will once again be bitten by the birding bug.